Bodhisattva (Featuring John Gable)
...and we all die — Bodhisattva

AWAD 003:  Bodhisattva (Featuring John Gable).  John Gable, vocalist for the Austin, Texas darkwave band KNIFIGHT, gets back to his hardcore and industrial roots with his heavy vocal contribution to this original track by …AND WE ALL DIE.  Known more for his melodic baritone singing, John Gable shows off his vocal versatility in his intense screaming on this song.  Jason Rufuss Sewell (ONE-EYED DOLL) produced and plays guitar and drums.  Greg Reierson (the CURE, PRINCE, PAUL WESTERBERG) of Rare Form Mastering mastered this single.  Shelby Cinca (DARKEST HOUR, DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN, FRODUS) designed the artwork.