Modern Day Privateers (Daniel Ash Thunder Clap Remix)
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...and we all die — Modern Day Privateers - Daniel Ash Thunder Clap Remix
Release date : Apr. 02, 2016

AWAD 002:  Modern Day Privateers (Daniel Ash Thunder Clap Remix).  Goth and Darkwave icon Daniel Ash (BAUHAUS, LOVE AND ROCKETS, TONES ON TAIL) employs his signature production style and unique guitar, bass and vocal contributions on this original track by …AND WE ALL DIE.  The result is a transformation of a heavy rock song into a catchy darkwave dance track.  Josh Bonati (CULT OF YOUTH, FRODUS, ZOLA JESUS) of Bonati Mastering mastered this single.  Shelby Cinca (DARKEST HOUR, DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN, FRODUS) designed the artwork.